Rags To Riches: How a couple Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes Overcame As An Immigrant & Helped their Community Understand & Leverage The Power Of Credit.

Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes Depina Credit SolutionBrockton, USA, Nov. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Credit Coaching Duo Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes are on a mission to help people belonging to minority communities become financially sound and free.Oftentimes, hailing from a marginalized community means your people, your culture, and the struggle of your culture are not very well advocated for and represented at administrative levels. It in turn boils down to inequitable opportunities for those marginalized communities, which further represses their trajectory forwards success and wealth. Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes are helping make that dream a reality for minorities through their company Depina Credit Solutions (DCS). About Arthur Depina & Ana Fernandes:Arthur Depina grew up in the clutches of poverty, always struggling to make ends meet, and where he comes from, the only possible way to make it out of the system, earn a decent living, and lead a decent lifestyle is considered to be immigration to a first world country.In the early 1990’s, at the age of 10, Arthur and his siblings made the move to the USA with only a few hundred dollars in their pocket But despite the culture shock and financial crunch, he had with him an iron will and a head full of dreams to chase and accomplish his American dream.Upon reaching the United States, Arthur Depina was immediately enrolled in the schooling system in the US. As he recollects, it had been beyond difficult. But that didn’t stop him from going. Arthur would always remind himself of what he wanted to achieve, and so he moved forward.After graduating from high school with high honors, Arthur joined Andrews University with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management, & in International languages and also graduated from there with an incredible academic record.He spent the next period of his life working for some top Fortune 500 companies. But he was quick to realize that it is not where his passion lies. He wanted to do something independent with his degree and experience. Eventually Arthur Depina along with his wife Ana Fernandes opened their credit repair business in the community in order to help and serve their community or immigrant community in general traverse through the trenches of understanding the “SECRET WORLD OF CREDIT” and leverage the power of credit to responsibly get credit cards, finance a car, buying their first home, investment properties, maintain good credit, etc.With the desire and passion still alive in his heart of impacting other people’s lives and helping others make better of themselves every day, and developing them as leaders, Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes continue their journey with Depina Credit Solutions. Both of them coming from immigrant families who are originally from Cape Verde Islands on West Coast of Africa, have now been involved in this industry for over 10 years and still continue to shape the Credit World through their excellent works in helping their community in Metropolitan of Boston navigate through this “secret world of credit”. About Depina Credit Solutions: Depina Credit Solutions is a national credit counseling and coaching company located in Brockton, Massachusetts. It works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles. Their credit experts communicate with credit bureaus by challenging questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading, or unverifiable data on consumer credit reports. Depina Credit Solutions investigate any mistakes which may be lurking in its client’s credit report to have it resolved and repaired, allowing them the financial freedom and advantages a good credit score accompanies.At DCS, they work on: 1. Credit AnalysisDCS will perform a professional review of the client’s Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports. This includes a detailed investigation for any incomplete, out-of-date, or potentially incorrect information that can be disputed. Their credit expert will also create a custom, comprehensive plan to improve the client’s credit. This plan will reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the client credit profile, as well as incorporate their financial goals. 1. Credit RepairAt DCS they understand that improving credit quickly is likely a serious concern for a client, especially if they are waiting to close on their dream home.  But DCS provides clients with results in as little as 30-45 days. They do everything we can to correct as many errors as possible, as fast as possible. They will craft customized disputes for all the negative items on credit reports and send them on client’s behalf to the credit bureaus at no charge. 1. Building CreditHaving positive is just as important as removing derogatory accounts. Depina Credit Solutions helps clients get approved for positive credit that will help them rebuild their credit profile so they can accomplish their financial dreams. To learn more about Depina Credit Solutions and Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes, you can visit their website. Media Contact Details: Company Name: Depina Credit Solutions Company Email: info@depinacreditsolutions.com Company website:https://www.depinacreditsolutions.com/Attachment * Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes

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